Quality Assurance; two powerful words. Espousing so much, yet only able to deliver if one has the systems and personnel to establish, monitor and test product and processes. Quality Assurance is an ever-evolving chase to capture the ‘perfect’ in an imperfect world yet one must be committed to the ever-present, sometime daunting task, of improving.

At Nova World Inc. we eat, live and sleep quality assurance. Truth be told we spend more time overseeing quality assurance systems than most all of the service functions added together. It’s our belief that if we can catch an error, or improve a process, before the product gets out the door, then we’ve greatly served our customer, and ultimately the consumer. We’ve succeeded for the day.

Our Quality Assurance US and China teams inspect factories, discuss and monitor processes, consult with outside experts on specific issues when warranted . We ask hard questions of ourselves, our suppliers, and sometimes even our customers to ensure the products are wholesome, of good quality and safe for the consumer.