At Nova World Inc., we’re looking for ‘like-minded’ LIFE partners who understand our values, our vision and our mission for living a healthier, more wholesome life while helping others on this planet to do the same thing. When we get into agreement on this basis, we then become a powerful force that nothing can stand against or deter us from achieving the life-giving mission to benefit and help others.

It’s our direct intention to improve the quality of life and well-being for millions of desiring Chinese through the consumption of wholesome, nutritious and delicious USA made products made available through our varied distribution channels.

Because we work with a variety of suppliers and products, each business relationship tends to have its distinctions, yet there are some undergirding principles and criteria that Nova World Inc. looks from when entering into a relationship to export. Here are our 7 key criteria when searching for products and suppliers to partner with:

1) The products must be wholesome and provide a life-benefiting quality foods or product.

2) Product is produced in qualified USA factories.

3) Have a proven US sales history with available forecast for export purposes.

4) The US products must be attractive in pricing and terms empowering us so we can introduce the product(s) to our distributors, wholesalers, retailers and web suppliers for distribution throughout China.

5) Have an L/C program available.

6) Our integral partners collaborate with Nova World Inc., Inc. superior Quality Assurance standards.

7) World-class Customer Service Policies that support and undergird international product sales, and when necessary, defective returns and/or credits.

If you have a product(s) that you would like to discuss with us, please take a minute and fill in the following information and we will return your inquiry.